Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects, What are you willing to pay?

Winter weather has taken its toll on both sides the US and Canadian border.  One utility that has taken it in the chops from all the ice and snow has been electric companies that provide services to businesses and individuals.  Now this wasn’t the only time that there have been electrical outages due to severe weather.  Power outages have become rather routine when severe weather hits.  The question is, “How much mitigation do you want to invest in to reduce the impact of outages?”

The above is the theme from a Toronto Glob editorial, see the ice storm: Why you want the lights to go out, sometimes in the piece they call attention to the fact that you can’t mitigate every risk.  The costs to do so would be too high.  Thus, the focus on risk management.

What is risk? It is the odds of suffering a loss in the future. It is a cost. And what about the reduction or elimination of that risk? Also a cost. In deciding whether to pay the price, utilities – and all of us – end up having to weigh three factors: the size of the possible damage, the likelihood of its occurrence, and the price of mitigation.”

Risk management will become a greater part of the discussion as we move forward and the warming climate starts to impact our communities in varying ways.  This will be a good discussion for communities to have.  One way to reduce risk is to disperse it in the entire community (whole community).  If individuals are better prepared than the costs for organizations can be lessened, and costs of single entity preparedness reduced.

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Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects: Physical Security

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Essential infrastructures produce vital benefits and services, upon which various sectors of our society depend. Our professional and experienced groups comprehend the risks to these infrastructures arising from natural and man-made calamities. While the Department of Homeland Security has identified 18 critical infrastructures resources that must be safeguarded, most of these assets are owned by the private sector.

It is critical that you have a security expert to assess your risk and create risk-reduction measures for your company. Your clients rely on this important infrastructure; therefore, it is necessary to undertake procedures to avert and properly adapt to any hazard that may adversely impact your vital resources.

According to your expectations from our company, we will undertake some or all of the steps below in order to safeguard your crucial infrastructure.

  • Evaluation: Determine the risk connected with the vital infrastructure and what is extremely significant to attaining goals and final success.
  • Analysis: Pinpoint the weaknesses, as well as their interconnection with internal or external vital resources.
  • Pre-Mitigation: Execute preventive steps and measures to reduce direct risks. This process may include physical and cyber-based expertise and resources-strengthening before an incident transpires.
  • Mitigation: Offer complete and lasting solutions to mitigate and/or remove the identified threats.
  • Implementation: Assure that the reduction strategy is being undertaken in a way that is conducive to security requirements and guidelines.
  • Incident Response: Create programs and measures to remove additional threats or the cause of an existing problem.

Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects: Business Continuity

When the unavoidable does occur, will your organization have the methods and materials needed to maintain delivery on your internal & external targets? Most enterprises will not be ready. Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects can help you become always ready.

Our Business Impact Analysis will measure the viability of every application through comprehensive interviews with stakeholders throughout the organization. We will take into account both internal and external Service Level Agreements as we suggest a Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective for all your applications. Our objective is to furnish the needed data so that leaders can properly utilize technology resources. We will create a plan to attain those objectives.

Together with technology considerations, we will also investigate the operational and human capital impact of a crisis. If your building is inaccessible, where will your employees work? What tools will they require at that temporary office to perform their job? Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects evaluation & solutions will consider all phases of your organization and operations to empower you to keep achieving your goals on behalf of your clients.